About me
My name is Erik Pleijel. I am a writer and my interest is in theology and philosophy that can be rooted in everyday life. I have done some work in programming and in water supply in Africa. In my book Adventures and reflections, I share my experiences. From a column about the book in the Bohusl news­paper: "In fast-moving, some­times dramatic texts, he takes us to geno­cidal Rwanda, civil war Sri Lanka and an absurdly closed North Korea." From a review in KT, the Swedish church news­paper: "From his life exper­ience he reflects on aid, philo­sophy and Christ­ian faith on a Lutheran basis."

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Texts by Erik Pleijel, published on this website, are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Cartoon boy: VectorStock; Sloth: FriendlyStock; Cartoon priest: Copyright Brad Fitzpatrick; Other illustrations: CC0 Erik Pleijel.

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